Medicare Health Foundation Lahore


Summer 2020 Fd Equator Medicare sponsored together with a grant from Dutch organisation Wilde Ganzen, MHF to combat COVID-19 with € 6800.

This week we agreed to co-operate for the Construction of Clinics in the New Medical Block at Medicare Hospital – Noor Elahi Branch – Lahore

- The mission of Medicare Health Foundation aims to establish a healthcare system catering to the underprivileged, consisting of:

- 6 twenty-bedded community hospitals

- 12 small-scale community-based Mother and Child Healthcare Units (MCHs)

- 1 Training Institute for nurses and paramedical staff


- The vision is: To ensure the accomplishment of the following goals in underprivileged communities:

- Healthy Women through Safe Birth and Gynaecological Care

- Healthy Children through Paediatric Care

- Healthy Population through General/Specialist Medical Care


MHF is a non-profit organization, dedicated to providing good quality healthcare for lower-middle income and underprivileged communities.

MHF was founded in the year 2000 and has established two hospitals and a Mother and Child Healthcare centre (MCH) over the years. Presently only located in Lahore, the aim is to expand in other geographical locations of Pakistan in the years to come.

At MHF hospitals, care has been made extremely affordable, to make sure that those who cannot pay are not turned away. At Medicare, the philosophy is that no one should be refused medical care, just because they do not have the money to pay for their treatment.

The Medicare model focuses on the part of spectrum between government hospitals and private medical care, serving patients who cannot afford private hospitals but cannot be accommodated in crowded government facilities. Many our patients are treated from donation funds.

Initially only focused on gynaecology and obstetrics as our in-patient services, MHF has now introduced a range of medical specialties to serve many beneficiaries to the best of our ability. Services include gynaecology and obstetrics, paediatrics, orthopaedics, general surgeries, dentistry, diagnostics as well as out-patient general and specialist medical care.

Target groups are low, lower middle-, and middle-income groups, with a focus on providing affordable care for the middle-income groups, while serving those living in abject poverty.

In the Health program 2019-20, the following were the organization’s intervention statistics:

-1,018 babies were born.

- 260,884 patients were treated in our Out-Patient Department

-774 surgeries were conducted.

-12,231 patients were vaccinated against life-threatening diseases.          

-242,827 patients were given free medicines.


In October 2019, a team of midwives from the Netherlands from the organization “Mates In”, visited MHF in Pakistan for improvement of the Mother and Child Healthcare centre. A two-day workshop was organized in which they taught 30 nurses from MHF hospital and other charitable hospitals in Lahore, on Intrapartum Care.

In terms of Projects: 

MHF has 2 Hospitals and 1 Mother and Child Healthcare centre, which are the focus.


Medical camps and awareness drives:

 To ensure the good health of the community, we regularly organize free medical camps whereby specialist doctors examine patients, who are also provided free diagnostic services as well as medicines. We also conduct healthcare awareness drives, so our communities develop the practice of preventive care.


Mother Nutricare program

 Expecting mothers coming to us from abject poverty are covered in this program, whereby we provide them with eggs, milk, and essential vitamin supplements two times a week. This nutrition ensures that these women deliver healthy babies while maintaining good health themselves.


MHF wants to solve/diminish:

Medicare Hospital - Noor Elahi Branch had a growth of around 15% in the out-patient department in 2019-20, with an increasing demand for more medical specialities to cater to the health issues of the community. Additionally, with around 40% of the patient numbers being children, there is great need for a specialist paediatric clinic. In 3 years of service at Medicare Hospital – Noor Elahi Branch, MHF has realized that in the morning shift, when there is a great flow of patients requiring both general and specialist care, there is the need to have a higher number of specialist consultancy rooms. The hospital has presently no space to accommodate more doctor clinics but need to address this issue. The average patient flow at this hospital every day is around 180-200 children < 10 years, 150-180 women between ages 15-65, and 70-80 men between ages 15-65


The project will lead to the strengthening of the paediatric services by Medicare Hospital – Noor Elahi Branch, and enables to manage specialist clinics to cater to the growing needs of the community. This will greatly impact the lives of the beneficiaries within the surrounding community and encourage underprivileged people from other parts of the city to come and avail MHF services. People from villages and smaller cities close to Lahore also come to MHF for medical care, and after this project, there is estimated that this number will rise too.


The total amount required is € 35.000.

Equator Medicare will spend from their resources but will ask new donors to donate together at least € 8500.

If we reach together € 23.500, Wilde Ganzen will give a grant of 50%, to reach the amount of € 35.000.


Dutch tax-payers can have tax-reduction by donating to Equator Medicare because it has an ANBI status, Public Benefit Organisation, under nr RSIN  8141.74.437.


You can donate to Equator Medicare account NL14 RABO 0102 2735 96, earmarking with MHF Lahore.


More information can be given by Dick Jungst, chairman or Anum Qadri